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Enhance Your Stress-Coping Skills - Our ashwagandha capsules deliver sustained adaptogenic support, thanks to long-acting Prolanza for stress management. With these compounds in our ashwagandha root -based pills, the formula is fortified, making it ideal for promoting your ability to adapt to stress.

Harness Your Cognitive Potential - To maintain your quality of life, support your cognitive functions by taking our supplement. The formulation of these herbal supplements contains high levels of 10 USP-compliant Withanolides, which help preserve its benefits for longer periods.

Focus on Your Mental Wellbeing - We use ashwagandha extract for our ayurveda products. As a botanical powerhouse, ashwagandha is renowned for its properties that enhance mental wellness. This benefit makes our focus pills ideal for todays busy go-getters.

1 Ashwagandha Capsule a Day to Keep the Blues at Bay - The prolonged biological action of our ashwagandha pills allows them to deliver long-lasting benefits. Thats why, instead of taking multiple pills, you need only 1 of ashwaPRO.

Your Health, Our Priority - Ashwagandha, a world-renowned ancient Ayurvedic herb used to make ashwagandha powder and ashwagandha tea, is rich in Withanolides. Let your mind & body experience the wonders of these bioactive compounds every time you take our mood support supplement.


Brand:Z Zealthy Life

Dosage Form:Capsule

Item Form:Capsule

Package Information:Bottle

Unit Count:60.00 Count

Number of Items:1

Material Feature:Vegan

Product Benefits:Stress Management

Age Range (Description):Adult

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