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Introducing Nut Ordinary Protein Powder - the perfect blend to elevate your daily nutrition! Each 250g scoop packs a punch of goodness, with a recommended daily usage of 1-3 servings.


Prepare your protein fix effortlessly by mixing one scoop (25g) of our premium protein powder with 200ml of water in the included shaker until perfectly dissolved. But that's not all – get creative by blending it into smoothies, plant-based yogurts, or even your morning coffee for a soft, flavorful boost.


Take your meals to the next level by incorporating Nut Ordinary Protein Powder into oatmeal, pancakes, or baked goods, enhancing both nutrition and texture.


Our product comes with a generous 18-month shelf life, conveniently displaying the expiration date and serial number on the cap. Nut Ordinary Protein Powder is your key to a nourishing and delicious lifestyle – order now and experience the extraordinary!


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